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CEE 165H / CEE 265H

Big Earth Hackathon: Wildland Fire Challenge Class

Participants are encouraged (but not required) to register for a three unit course associated with the hackathon. This class will provide some structure and assistance in getting students up to speed on wildland fire issues, defining hackathon projects, and mentoring from faculty and industry experts.

Students who don't take the class for credit are welcome to participate in any of the workshops and optional short courses provided in conjunction with the hackathon.

Other Classes

For students who students who wish to obtain some data analysis and data-science and program skills in a formal class context, we are offering some optional 1 unit classes:

  • CME 250: Introduction to Machine Learning (firstĀ  four weeks)
  • CME 193: Introduction to Python

Graduate students interested in learning more about wildfire science, should consider taking the folllowing course:

  • ME 375: Wildfire Science