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AWS Credits

AWS Educate Signup 

NOTE that these credit promos require a credit card, which will not be charged unless overages occur. Should overages occur, the AWS Educate team will attempt to work with you. If you do not wish  to provide a credit card there are instructions for a non-credit card option, but that gives you less credit. Any questions or concerns: ping Derek on Slack. If you already used up all of your credits during the April Hackathon using this code, let Derek know.

Descartes Labs

Coming soon. check back later.

Google Earth Engine

Earth Engine is a platform for scientific analysis and visualization of geospatial datasets, for academic, non-profit, business, and government users. Earth Engine's terms allow for free use in development, research, and education environments.

Key Resources:

Resources for Python API users:


Learn all about Mapbox tools.


Mathworks held a short workshop on October 6 to discuss some of the tools available in MATLAB that might be of interest for the hackathon.  Mathworks is generously providing students with a 60 day trial license to be used for this hackathon event. A set of relevant toolboxes have been preselected as part of this license.  Included in the tools are the ability to use MATLAB with cloud computing (i.e., AWS and Azure credits!)

If you believe there is a MATLAB toolbox that is relevant to your project that is not included in this preselected list, please let us know and we can provide access to any additional toolboxes that you might need. 

MICROSOFT Azure Credits (and AI for Earth Challenge)

Participate in the AI for Earth Challenge

Here are some helpful links for getting started with obtaining free Azure credits and how to use them.

Planet Data and Tools

Accessing Planet data and many helpful tools (for other types of data too!) to get started.

Satellogic Tools and Data

Tools for solving Satellogic's Open Impact Challenge ideas 

Data and how to access it for these challenge projects will be posted on Slack. If there is interest, there will be a workshop on October 19th.