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Wildland Fire Challenge Project Topics

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Here are some ideas to get you thinking about projects related to Wildland Fire problems. This list is by no means exhaustive; these ideas are examples of problems identified by some of our faculty and industry mentors. Teams are encouraged to either pursue one of these sample problems or one related to their own interests and ideas.

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Cascading disasters

How can competing disasters be managed?

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Ballot Measures

What predicts success or failure of ballot measures?

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Building Air Filters

Facilitating whole home air filtering

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Disaster Philanthropy

Tracking WIldfire Donations

Map of California

Early Detection Using Cameras

Improve early detection of wildfires using wildfire tracking cameras

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Economic impacts

What jobs are most impacted by wildfires?

Map of California

Evacuation routes

CALFIRE needs help developing real time evacuation tools

Forest fire by a cabin

Home Protection

What is the best investment for protecting your home at the WUI?

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Improved Smallwood Harvesting

We need improved ways to process accumulated fuels, preferably without fire.

forest with section of trees cut down

Multi-benefit Forest Management

Balancing goals for recreation, forestry, grazing, and mining

California Wild Fire Map

Public Health and Wildfires

Develop a system to track health impacts

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Public Opinion

What kind of public support is there for wildland fire policies?

Satellite image of Cuba's fires

Satellite Tracking

Improve tracking of wildfires from satellite images


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Smallwood Utilization

Developing new technologies and uses for harvested materials

Diagram of Equality vs Equity

Vulnerable Populations

Can you empower vulnerable populations?