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For the Big Earth Hackathon, we have partnered with a lot of industry folks to give you the tools and help you need to work on your projects. Please check back here frequently for updated information and help and if you don't see something you need, reach out on Slack and someone will try to assist you.

MATLAB: The team at Mathworks have created a bunch of tools and tutorials to get you started on working with data even if you don't have much coding experience:

Looking to get started with MATLAB? Check out our free training!

Check out these webinars on topics to support your work in the Big Earth Hackathon:

Using MATLAB with Python

MATLAB provides flexible, two-way integration with many programming languages, including Python. This webinar will cover how to call MATLAB from Python and how to call Python libraries from MATLAB.

Low Code Data Analysis with MATLAB

Learn how you can analyze and model data using interactive tools in MATLAB. The interactive tools can then generate the MATLAB code you need to programmatically reproduce your work.

How to Clean Your Data in MATLAB

Learn how you can use the Data Cleaner app in MATLAB to clean your messy data using simple cleaning steps and prepare it for analysis and model development.

Tools from Planetwill be shared on Slack and during the April 5 workshop. All hackathon participants have access to the full suite of Planet data for their projects.

A PDF with a long list of sources will soon be posted to the Slack workspace.