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Project Topics

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Earth from Satellite image

AI for Earth Challenge

Microsoft's AI for Earth Challenge with incredible post-hackathon possibilities

Water Sensors

Water Sensors

Design a real-time water sensor to measure water quality

Utility diagram

Transparent Utility

Develop a dashboard app for water utilities

Phytoplankton under microscope

Phytoplankton ID

Use machine learning to identify phytoplankton

Satellite of earth with oceans colored

Ocean Color

What can scientists infer and learn from the state of the art data?

CA Safe Drinking Water Challenge

Safe Drinking Water Data Challenge

Participate in the California Safe Drinking Water Data Challenge

A person pumping water from iron pump

Removing Arsenic from Water

Develop a low cost point of collection device tat


Flood Protection and Wetlands

Rethinking flood events with sea-level rise and other concerns

Diagram of figures with gears overhead

Crowd-sourcing reviews for water policy

Using business reviews to inform water policy

Digital Atlas

Digital Water Energy Atlas

Develop a GIS visualization tool

Satellite of Hurricane

Hurricane and Coastal Flooding

Predicting impacts using machine learning

Sign warning of landslides

Landslide Inventories

Leveraging big earth data for natural hazard management

Digram of fish with skeleton


Help create a citizen science platform for water