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May 20 Update

Project Expo and Project Presentations

Our Project Expo is Monday, June 1. We have lined up many esteemed judges to look at your amazing and innovative work on wildland fires. In order to present your work virtually and have it judged, we are using Devpost to showcase all of your projects and support the judging.

You need to register now and submit your projects before the deadline (Mon Jun 01, 2020 at 10:00am PDT) Register here

  1. Have EVERY person on your team go to the link above and click Register for this hackathon. (You must all create Devpost accounts.)

  2. One person from each team will Enter a Submission (which is a button you’ll see after you Register). Where it asks you to add your teammates’ email addresses, make sure to use the same ones they used to create their Devpost accounts.

  3. Submit early and include as much information as you can, so you won’t be rushed toward the end. And remember, you can keep updating your project until the deadline.

You are encouraged to submit both figures/pictures/plots and even a video describing your project and accomplishments.  For example, a video could be used to walk the audience through your project (see Devpost for details).

Awards Ceremony 

After tallying our judges scores, we will conclude our event with an Awards Ceremony and Celebration of the participants on Friday, June 5, 3pm PDT. We hope everyone can attend and we will post a zoom link for this event on Slack as we get nearer.

Special Prize

We are pleased to announce that Stanford's Data Science Institute is sponsoring a special prize for our Big Earth Hackathon: Wildland Fire Challenge, The Data Science Summer Continuation Prize.  For the project identified as the best use of data science and well suited for continued work this summer, the Data Science Institute will provide a $1000 stipend to each team member (i.e., up to $4000 total for a team of four) to continue their hackathon project over the summer. The winning team will present their updated progress at a virtual symposium in September.

April 30 Update

Microsoft has just committed to offer us a special prize for our event which they will judge remotely. They are offering an AI for Earth Challenge for our WIldland Fire Challenge

April 7 Announcements

The Hackathon has begun! With the COVID-19 crisis and Stanford Spring Quarter being online, this hackathon will be held online. While we know this will present some changes to how we have traditionally held the Big Earth Hackathon events, we are confident that participants will have a rich experience, working on solutions to important problems surrounding Wildland Fires. We hope that by participating in this event, you will rejuvenate your hope that together we can make a big difference.

Get yourself on Slack and stay tuned for up-to-date announcements.

Important Connections and Links

Join us on the Big Earth Hackathon: Wildland Fire Challenge 2020 Slack Workspace. Register yourself to join Slack. Slack will be our main communication channel during the event.

You will post your team's project to Devpost for judging and prize consideration. Be sure to register/connect to our hackathon on DevPost. (details coming soon)  Make sure you have project submitted on DevPost by no later than 11am, June 1.

Be a good citizen and adhere to our Big Earth Data Hackathon Code of Conduct.

Some people have been asking for suggestions on where to look for data. There are links to some datasets associated with the individual project ideas on this website, but this PDF datasources_20200422.pdf is a compiled list of some data sources that might be of interest to some of you. This is by no means exhaustive, but it gives an idea of what is available. If you are looking for something else, please ask. We can't promise you we will know of every source available, but we can hopefully point you in the right direction.